How it works

After signing up you need to proceed with the required donation of the sum of either ₦12,500, ₦25,000, ₦50,000 or ₦100,000 to a fellow member assigned to you. Once donation is sucessfully made, you will need to upload the proof of payment(i.e Bank teller or Proof of transaction) the assigned member will then confirm your donation making you eligible to get 200% of your donation.

Then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered members to you, who will pay you the required amount each, which will amount to 200% of your initial donation. (i.e. 200% of ₦12,500 is ₦25,000, 200% of ₦25,000 is ₦50,000, 200% of ₦50,000 is ₦100,000 and 200% of ₦100,000 is ₦200,000).

Steps of Participation

Visit to get registered as a Naira Masters member.
Login to your personal office
Click on the big Provide Help button (Green button)
Wait patiently to get matched within 24 - 192 hours depending on your donation category.
Proceed with the payment of donation to your matched pair.
Click on the Big Get Help button(Yellow Button) and wait patiently to be matched to a donor.



  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Make payment within 24 Hours
  • Cash Out in 48 Hours
  • ₦25,000 Return Investment


  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Make payment within 24 Hours
  • Cash Out in 72 Hours
  • ₦50,000 Return Investment


  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Make payment within 24 Hours
  • Cash Out in 120 Hours
  • ₦100,000 Return Investment


  • 2:1 Matrix
  • Auto Assign
  • Make payment Within 24 Hours
  • Cash Out in 192 Hours
  • ₦200,000 Return Investment


Note:All participants must comply with the below stated rules to avoid been suspended or blocked from Nairamasters.

Registration Details.

All registration details provided by participants must be legitimate.

General Donation and Confirmation.

All Donation and confirmation must be made within the specified time limit.

Account confirmation issues.

Failure to confirm any valid proof of payment will lead to account withdrawal and legal procedures will be followed after proper investigation.

Bank Account confirmation.

Ensure to contact the matched participant before proceeding to make payment.

Payment Proof.

Ensure to upload a valid payment proof and contact the matched participant, after successful payment.

Accept or Deny Payments.

All receiving participants must confirm or deny the proof of payment uploaded by a donating participant within the specified time limit.

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